These are the White River-Produced ALL-Color Magazines.

Vol 26:1&2 - CSX CE&D Sub & ATCS Monitor for same, C&EI Steel Cabooses, The 227 at SpeedVol 27:1 - CE&D & Woodland Subs, Steel Caboose Right Sides, Derailment Farmersburg 1952, Brewer, ILVol 27:2 -Danville and Evansville Pass. Stations, Mitchell to Villa Grove, Engineer recalls the C&EI
Vol 28:1 - C&EI TOFC ServiceVol 28:2 - C&EI GP35's, Dark Horses on the C&EI, C&EI Junks Old Power Fast, Radio comes to the C&EIVol 29:1 - Following the Diesel Fleet Part 1, Modeling News

Palmares Vol 29:2 - Following the Diesel Fleet Part 2, Danville Walldogs, Modeling News

Vol 30:1 - Villa Grove to Woodland Jct, Salute to Jim Boyd, C&EIHS Museum, Follwing the Diesels Part 3Vol 30:2 - Salem Sub, Trainwatching with Purpose, Digital Preservation, Test Car A-1024, Model News
Vol 31:1 - C&EI Maintenance of Way Equipment, Modeling Wreck Trains, C&EI SW1 #98 Lives On!Vol 31:2 - J. Parker Lamb Photography, 2-Bay Hoppers (proto and model), 30th Anniversary ReportVol 32:1 Lamb Photography Part 2, Mt. Vernon Branch Part 1, 3&4 Bay Hoppers, Athearn HO C&EI GP9's
Vol 32:2 C&EI Wood Cabooses, Mt. Vernon Branch Part 2, Lamb Postscript, Donations to ArchivesVol 33:1 Terre Haute & environs, 8000 series hoppers, Dewey wreck, Tribute to the late Bob McQuownVol 33:2 Sullivan, IN Coaling Tower, Series 79000 hoppers, Joint Meet with L&NRRHS
Vol 34:1 Modeling The Cardinal, EJ&E's use of C&EI, New Emblems in 1945, Postscript to Coaling TowerVol 34:2 Transfer Cabooses, Meadowlark Wreck, Train Shows with C&EIHS, 2015 Meeting RecapVol 35:1 LeTourneau - Equip and History, C&EI Gons, Memories of working for C&EI, Modeling HO GP7's
Vol 35:2 CHTT RR Part 1, C&EI Gondolas - Rebuild Era, 2016 Annual Meeting Danville HighlightsVol 36:1 CHTT RR Part 2, Grasshopper Viaduct Construction, Modeling CornerVol 36:2 Salem, IL, C&EI FGE Insulated Boxcars, Modeling Corner, 2017 Annual Meeting Highlights

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Vol 37:1 - Brazil Branch, C&EI Gondolas Part 3 Modern Era, Modeling C&EI Caboose 344 Vol 37:2 - C&EI Dearborn Freight Houses, C&EI Post War Passenger Car Pt 1: Pullman SleepersVol 38:1 - Billboard Express Boxcars, Tractors to Shelbyville, HO Standard Station Kit
Vol 38:2 - Traffic Department Speech, 86ft Hi-Cube Boxcar, HO Track PlanVol 39:1 - C&EI Mail Service Pt 1, Eastern Illinois & Peoria, Interline Ticket Sales, Train 21 DerailmentVol 39:2 - Indiana Coal Fields, Mail Service Part 2, COFC Servcie
Vol 40:1 - Postwar RPO Equipment, Special Move on the C&EIVol 40:2 - Modeling C&EI RPOs, Modeling Caboose #5, Interline Ticket Sales Part 2Vol 41:1 -