A large collection of archives of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad were saved by the Danville Junction Chapter, NRHS, in 1969. After acquisition by the Missouri Pacific Railroad the new owner made the decision that many of the records would be moved from Danville to the company�s office in St. Louis, Missouri. At the same time a large amount of the records stored on the third floor of the former Oaklawn Shop office building in Danville were to be destroyed. Through the effort Robert Block, deceased C&EI employee and charter member of the chapter, many of the records were saved and are today part of the chapter collection. Recently much of this collection was moved to the Vermilion County Museum in Danville in order to better preserve the collection and provide access for those doing research.

With the organization of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Historical Society records and other artifacts from various locations have been donated or purchased by the society. At the present time the society has a collection of over 5000 photographs, many from the Ray Curl collection. The entire collection is available to researchers.

Individuals interested in researching the history of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad can contact society members noted elsewhere on this web site. They may also contact the following organizations:

Danville Junction Chapter, NRHS, P. O. Box 1013, Danville, Illinois 61834-1013 or the chapter web site at www.danvillejct.org

Vermilion County Museum, 115 North Gilbert Street, Danville, Illinois 61832 or the museum web site at www.vermilioncountymuseum.org

Both organizations, along with the C&EI HS, require that arrangements be made to view and research the collections.