Retiree Groups
The Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad’s major employment areas were Danville and Chicago, Illinois. Other cities, like Villa Grove, Terre Haute and Evansville had major yards and hundreds of employees in yard and train service. However, Chicago, along with Dolton Yard, was the headquarters of the railroad and there it maintained a major yard to serve the Chicago area. Danville was the “home shop” with over 1000 employees between 1900 and 1945.
As employees retired, wherever they were employed, they continued to get together to to relive the memories of railroad life on the C&EI. In addition, employees of other railroads in the area also became involved with a common bond in the love of railroading.
Noted below are two of the groups that continue to meet on a regular basis. They welcome all former employees and would enjoy having non-C&EI employees, fans if you will, as guests at their meetings.
where to buy disulfiram (antabuse) Chicago Area Retirees
Meet the last Thursday of the month at Tiebels Restaurant, junction of U.S. 41 and U.S. 30 in Schereville, Indiana Danville Area Retirees
Meet the first Tuesday of the month at the Days Inn, Main and Gilbert Streets, in Danville. Charles Capps is the contact at (217) 446-9209.